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How to keep postage restrictions from killing your nonprofit concept.

A Better Chance InvitationTHE TASK
Design a creative and elegant invitation for The 2010 A Better Chance Awards that weighed under an ounce—including inserts.

Monaco Lange was determined to do something great, but if you’ve ever done an invitation for a nonprofit, you know the challenges they faced.

  • Keep it under an ounce so you can take advantage of the presorted postage rate
  • Include a reply card, sponsor card and return envelope
  • Be ready to handle a flood of last minute sponsors that need to be listed

So what can a designer do to keep an invitation elegant with heavy-as-possible stock and a concept that makes recipients 1) want to donate, and 2) be excited to attend the event?


ABC Invitation ExteriorTogether, Monaco Lange and Symmetry rose to the challenge in the most creative way possible. Monaco Lange leveraged the award show theme by designing the invitation to look like an envelope from the Oscars.

It was a brilliant solution for an organization that wanted to communicate prestige. Besides that, it was just plain fun to open. It had this neat little tongue that slides into a die cut on the front of the invitation. When you open it up, it feels like Hollywood. The bottom panel drops down to reveal the details of the gala and all the inserts sit neatly in the middle.

Symmetry helped Monaco Lange surprise the critics when it came to paper stock. We did a number of mockups until we settled on the 80# smooth card stock that enabled people to write on it without smudging.

Best yet, we kept it to an ounce which enabled them to take advantage of the presort postage rate. We also did it 2-color, which further minimized costs without sacrificing on elegance.

We knew the piece was a winner the minute it left our pressroom, but the real proof came this year when the client asked us to do the same concept all over again.

Monaco Lange

Process: Invite, Response Card and Insert printed Offset  2/2, A7 Envelope 2/0, A6 Envelope 1/0
Paper: 65lb Cougar Cover with matching Cougar envelopes
Size: Invite 13.25″ x 7″ , Response 4.5″ x 6.25″, Insert 4.33″ x 6.5″
Finishing: Score and short fold invitation

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