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The Long and Short of It: Combined Printing Techniques Produce Stellar Results

Legacy Builders

When the price tag for your projects runs to tens of thousands of dollars, your presentation materials have to reflect it. And when your audience is relatively small, highly selective and constantly expects new things from you, you had better deliver. These were the core issues Symmetry and Tribecca Designs confronted when Legacy Builders hired us to create new marketing materials for their cutting-edge interior renovation projects. To address them, we came up with an ideal combination of offset and digital printing.

Develop a showpiece brochure that could be updated frequently and printed cost-effectively in very short runs of less than 1000.

Outstanding presentation is essential for luxury products and services. Get it right and your highly selective group of prospects may have a hard time seeing how they can live without you. Make a misstep, and you’re consigned to competing with the rest of the pack—if you can even get in the door.

Legacy Builders knew that their new materials had to “wow” their prospects at first glance. They needed to present up-to-date projects showcasing the latest styles, trends and materials, while maximizing the appeal of the materials to each individual prospect by demonstrating capability on similar projects.  In printing terms, the materials would be updated frequently—and produced in short runs.

This led to a dilemma. When speed is essential and quantities are small, digital printing is usually the way to go. Modern technology yields full color results that are virtually indistinguishable from offset, with beautiful high resolution images.  However, digital presses require a very smooth, light-colored stock and there is no possibility of enhancements like embossing or foil stamping. Offset printing, on the other hand, is highly adaptable to a range of papers and enhancements, but press time is expensive and short runs are not usually cost effective.

What if a more inventive approach were possible?

THE SOLUTIONDetail Image of Legacy brochure
Symmetry helped Tribecca Designs find the answer with a combination of offset and digital printing, leveraging the advantages of each.

The cover and envelope were offset printed on a lush, sueded stock that is soft to the touch and evocative of the rich textures Legacy Builders incorporates into its designs. Elegant scoring and foil stamping provided additional visual and tactile appeal.

The content pages were printed using a high-end digital process that produces results virtually indistinguishable from offset. The silky smooth stock has its own textural appeal, and the image resolution and color accuracy are extraordinary. Both the designers and the end client liked the fact that the proofs showed exactly what the end product would look like.

A relatively long run for the presentation envelope and book cover ensures that these brand-unifying elements readily available whenever Legacy needs to create a new presentation. Lead times and additional production overhead are completely eliminated. New content sets are produced in small batches as they are needed. Digital technology enables quick turnaround for essential presentations. To date, we have produced about half a dozen variations.

The Legacy Builders project points to the effectiveness of digital printing for even high end presentations. It also demonstrates that creativity doesn’t stop with design.

Tribecca Designs

Process: Silver foil stamp cover and envelope, interior pages 4-color process
Paper: Touché Black .13 cover, interior pages 80 lb. silk cover, 120 lb. Neenah Columns Epic black envelope
Size: 6″ x 8.5″

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