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Talking Shop is produced by Symmetry, a boutique print shop that delivers the results you need, when you need them.

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Thinking Big

Can you print a whole building?  Not quite, but close. Take a look at how Symmetry’s large format printing can change the look of a space. Few things say that you’re someplace special like decorations. Flowers, balloons and crepe paper all have their place, but important corporate and personal events deserve something extra. Sometimes even the […]

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The Long and Short of It: Combined Printing Techniques Produce Stellar Results

Learn how Tribecca Designs created a showpiece brochure that could be updated frequently and reprinted economically.

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Cracking the QR code for fun and profit.

You’re starting to see them more and more—those kind of splotchy sort of Rorshaschy images being used by everyone from Calvin Klein to Kraft. So how do they work and how do you incorporate one of these cool little bugs into your next project?
Read on to learn how Clarity Consulting cracked the QR code…

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