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How to create a pop-up with grown-up appeal.

William Grant pop-up card

William Grant & Sons
 (A family-owned distillery with a world-renowned portfolio of Scotch whiskies and spirits including: Glenfiddich, Hendrick’s Gin, and Stolichnaya Vodka) Recognize any of those?

The folks from the distillery asked Michelle from Phixative to design an impressive holiday card that gave each of their 19 brands the top shelf treatment. That meant showing all the bottles. Plus it had to feature the William Grant & Sons name prominently.

That in and of itself was a tall order. The real twist was that the piece still had to be small enough to mail economically and because they really wanted to share their cool concept with the world (wouldn’t you?), the per-piece cost had to be low enough to send to their extensive mailing list. Oh, and did we mention that the time frame was tight? Especially for a piece of this nature—after all, you can’t push back Christmas.

Detail William Grant Holiday CardIt seemed like a pop-up was the ideal solution, but it had to work in a standard 12” envelope rather than a custom size. (Those take weeks to manufacture and are costly.)

Here’s how we went about doing it. We printed the whole card using four-color process on a satin stock using an overall matte aqueous finish. Next, we applied a spot UV gloss coating to the bottles. The two finishes contrast each other and the bottles appear separated from the background with a glossy effect that looked good enough to drink.

Foil stamp envelopeThen there was the matter of the William Grant & Sons logo—how to make it prominent without simply giant-sizing it? We opted for a tasteful gold and black foil stamp to help the company name stand out in an elegant and sophisticated way.

On the back, we featured 8 cocktail recipes for their most popular brands. It was a nice touch that saved the client the cost of printing an extra insert (plus all the related postage and fulfillment charges.) The recipes also gave the card staying-power by making it something people would keep in order to refer back to the recipes. A pop-up that has people coming back for more rounds—how’s that for giving a client more bang for their buck?

Michelle Gorenstein from Phixative


Process: Printed 4-color process with matte aqueous coating and spot gloss UV. Black and gold foil stamps.
Finishing: Die-cut, Score, Fold and Glue
Paper: 110# Satin Coated Cover
Size: 10.5” x 4”

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