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Hitting All the Right Notes







Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center is one of 11 constituents of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.  The Society presents an annual series of concerts and educational events.  While some promotion for these events now takes place online, the Society has found that an annual printed catalog is still an invaluable way to interact with music lovers old and new.

“Symmetry is definitely the best value for our money we have found
– Emily Holum, Director of Marketing and Communications
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

A Change in the Program

After months of preparation, the Society’s 2017-2018 catalog was just about ready to go to print with only a little time to spare before the mailing deadline.  Then, an unexpected change of personnel completely changed the entire concept for the piece.  Society staff needed a new printing estimate right away.

Tuning Up

Changing the specs on a print piece is seldom a straightforward enterprise, especially if the piece in question is a multi-page booklet with several different parts.  The new concept for the Society’s 2017-2018 catalog changed the way the reply card would fit in the center of the book.  It also changed the way the perforated “at a glance” calendar would fold out in the back.  Symmetry carefully made the necessary adjustments so that the piece would print – and function – properly.    As we were doing this, we noticed that a further adjustment in the size of the book could yield significant postal savings.  Working with the Society’s creative team, we resized the piece to take advantage of this.

A Pitch-Perfect Performance

The final 2017-2018 Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center catalog was a huge success.  The entire project was packaged in an impressive custom envelope with full bleed.   Symmetry delivered the piece on time and on budget and helped our client save on mailing costs.

Symmetry. Because printing isn’t always black or white. 

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