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“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”– Albert Einstein

I can certainly appreciate that quote, because, well, Albert Einstein was Albert Einstein. But truth be told, working in a cluttered environment gives me great stress. How about you? Are you at ease surrounded by stacks of papers and files strewn everywhere, assorted business cards poking out from beneath an overflowing “In/Out” box, Post-it notes affixed to just about everything?

I can’t imagine so.

We all know the net gains of being better organized:

  • Increased time – no need to continually search for what you need
  • Reduced stress – avoid the helpless feeling that comes from being unable to locate something important or valuable
  • Enhanced productivity –added time and lower stress means you can make greater headway on critical tasks

Working in a clean, inviting space is essential to your professional wellbeing, even if it seems like a no-brainer. Here are 3 simple tips to unclutter your office.

Designate a place for everything

Allowing “things” to pile up on your desk and spill onto the floor is a hazard in more ways than one. Organize your papers, folders and supplies into proper, identifiable storage locations. Ask yourself, do you need to access certain materials or and files on a daily basis, or can they be placed in a drawer or on a shelf (in the proper receptacle, of course)? Most important to designating a place for everything is to put it away and remember where it is. Peruse your local office supply store; I guarantee you find some extremely attractive folders, containers and storage boxes to help with your organization!

Evaluate what is and isn’t important

Many of us can’t seem to “let go” easily, and we hold onto things we might not truly need. This is especially true for busy people who can’t find the time to review everything in their office to make that all-important determination: stay or throw away. It’s not an activity to do while in the middle of a big project or facing an important deadline. It is, however, something that should make its way onto your calendar.

Allocate time at the end of each day to straighten up

Clear off your desk, file papers in the proper folders, discard what you don’t need and try to arrange your desk so that you are ready to be productive when you arrive at work the next day.

The more you stick with it and unclutter your workspace as a matter of habit, the easier it will be to maintain an organized office. And forget about what Einstein said: a clean office is nothing to be ashamed of!

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