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Ugh, It’s That Time Of Year

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It’s about that time – let the Spring Cleaning begin! No, I don’t mean moving furniture to vacuum away the dust bunnies that have made a home under the sofa nor do I mean washing windows or clearing out the winter clothes from the closets.

I’m referring instead to the Spring Cleaning that should take place at work whereby you dust off, clean up and refresh some of the most important components of your business.

Here’s what this “cleaning” should entail:

Take a look at your clients.

Let’s face it there comes a time when some of our client relationships are no longer what we want them to be. Perhaps the scope of work has changed or your key contacts are no longer part of the company or maybe it is simply a case in which your business focus and their needs are no longer in sync. While we always want to “retain” our clients there are circumstances that may cause us to end the relationship. It makes good business sense to conduct a periodic assessment of your client relationships to determine if any “cleaning” is required or if, perhaps, you need to rethink your target market and change the parameters of what constitutes a “good client.”

Take a look at your operations.

Making operational changes are very difficult and many organizations tend to ignore or at best learn to “cope” with a process or procedures that might not be the most efficient. It can be a mistake for all involved. There’s clearly a downside for the company but it can be a mistake for every employee as well. If you’re involved in a department or working with a team that is using an outdated process for the work that they’re doing it’s time to speak up and help to effect operational changes.

Take a look at your deliverables.

Are you proud of the work that you do or has a certain amount of complacency set in? Spring is a perfect time to review what you are delivering to the marketplace and to determine if enhancements or modifications are necessary. In our fast paced global economy cleaning out the old strategies, products or services and adding something new can help you stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace.

Remember that it’s a positive thing to clean up and refresh what you have. Use the season to prompt your Spring Cleaning and you’ll probably feel better for doing it.

Symmetry. Because printing isn’t always black and white.

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