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Four Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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Having seasonal changes is one of my favorite reasons for living in New York. The pastel hues of spring make way for the warm, sunshiny days of summer, only to move on to the temperamental days of autumn, and soon enough the frigid, dark days of winter.

For many people, however, the winter season is the toughest part of the year. The “winter blues” can affect people in different ways, and it takes some effort and activity to avoid falling into a depressed state during the coldest months. (especially after 26 9/10 inches of snow)

Here are four ways you can beat the winter blues this season:

Knock things off your “to do” list

Winter is a good opportunity to take care of the chores that are hard to get motivated to do when the weather is nicer.  I know I have a few draws to clean out.  In fact right now we are in the middle of the blizzard of 2016, so as soon as I finish writing this blog, I’m going to dig into my closet and get rid of some clothes I haven’t worn in years.

Get exercise and eat a healthy diet

Regular exercise and a balanced diet should happen year-round, of course. But during the winter it is especially important to not make excuses for why you don’t have both in your life. Let’s face it: outdoor recreation and fresh fruits and veggies are in limited supply during the winter. That does not mean bulky clothes will conceal your decision to not seek out fitness opportunities. It’s cold, yes, but you can’t afford to stop exercising and eating right. Make healthy choices and develop an exercise routine that can accommodate cold and inclement weather.

Find the sun and take it in

Winter doesn’t just mean cold weather. It means shorter days and less sunlight. Exposure to sun is a necessity of life, and you should try to maximize your natural vitamin D intake during the winter. Spend time outdoors to avoid cabin fever, even if you have to bundle up..

Embrace the season and treat yourself

Don’t let the cold weather and “cabin fever” get you down. Winter CAN seem endless so it is important to make plans for activities that give you pleasure. Spending time with friends and family, getting tickets for a show or cultural event or even scheduling a long weekend get-away are all great ways to avoid the lethargy that comes with the season.

The winter season can bring its own magic. Take advantage of what it has to offer and remember that while you can’t change the weather you can change your attitude.

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