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Can You Communicate Like Martin Luther King Jr.?

Martin Luther King Jr. is widely considered one of the greatest orator ever to have lived. Few others have exhibited such deft understanding of words and their weight. His ability to convey a message—of equality and justice for all—is unique and unparalleled.

So, how do you channel your inner MLK and communicate like he did?

Speak with conviction.

To be a superb communicator, you must speak with conviction. Has someone ever told you to say what you mean and mean what you say? Well, tone and manner count, too. How you say something is as important as the words themselves. Remember to speak clearly and with purpose. Your audience will have no trouble discerning your message if you sound like you know what you’re saying.

Choose your words carefully.

No one enjoys listening to empty, trite, meaningless speech. Your words must be chosen carefully to ensure their greatest value. And remember, being verbose doesn’t make up for substance! The Gettysburg Address was only 272 words!

Knowledge counts.

To communicate effectively you must know what it is you’re talking about. People can see through a lack of familiarity, and it is easy to give yourself up if you’re pretending.

Listen to others.

Communicators are also good listeners. They have an uncanny ability to ask pertinent questions and interpret the responses. Your ability to communicate with other people hinges on the content of your questions and interest in hearing what others have to say.

Build bridges and relationships.

The connections you forge with people through your words are a clear result of effective communication. People want to identify with your message, and the easier it is to listen to your words, the stronger the connection.

Martin Luther King embodied these qualities. We would all do much better, in our professional and personal lives too, to live them as well.

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