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You Sent Me An Email, But I Can’t Call You Back.


If you’re like me I bet that you send and receive lots of business email each day. With messages to and from clients, prospects, referral sources, vendors and more, email has certainly become our main communications tool. And whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay (or at least until such time as there is another form of technology that takes over).

Of course there is the issue of the message itself. The words you say and the tone in which you convey them must be carefully reviewed before the all too final “send” key is pressed. Spelling, punctuation and grammar should be reviewed as well as there is nothing that says “careless” as much as a misspelled word or run-on sentence.

So yes, I think we would all agree about the critical importance of the message itself BUT what about the “real estate” that sits right there at the end of your message? I’m talking about the signature line, an oft-overlooked opportunity for yes, self-promotion.

Your logo and business tagline or slogan should be there to help you imprint your image and enhance your brand recognition. Heck, it’s your email. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of the space beneath the message?!

And then of course there is the simple matter of convenience and consideration for the people receiving the email. For example, let’s say you send an email and the recipient needs to connect with you by phone. Sure they can stop everything and do a Google search but wouldn’t it have been much easier if your contact number were right there in the email? And how about your address? If someone needs to send you something by USPS do you really want him or her to have to go to Google to hunt for your physical address? What about if they are coming to your office and forget to take your address? Once again, a Google search is required versus simply clicking on the email.

See where I am going with this? A well-crafted email signature is good for you and good for the recipient. Here’s what the signature should include:

  • Name, title, company, street address, URL and telephone numbers (office and cell)
  • Links to social media
  • Company logo (great for branding)
  • Information about special awards, recognition, etc. (as appropriate)

So take a look at the emails that you’re sending out. Do you have a complete signature line or are you sending emails that conclude with just your name? Hide and seek was a great game when we were kids; in business, it’s not so great!

because printing isn’t always black and white.



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  1. Karl t. Spear says:

    This is a great point. Most people don’t think about it and miss the opportunity to make an impact and further their brand.
    Excellent article.

  2. Donna Hegdahl says:

    You raise some good thoughts. The challenge is that some firewalls block/remove logos and other graphics. Do you ever get an email with an attachment – when you open it. It is the logo instead of staying in the signature. That’s a challenge.

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