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So It’s Down to the Final Rose










So what do you think about the Bachelor?

Like it or loathe it you have to admit that it’s become quite a phenomenon. Now in its 19th season (!), the show continually generates a robust amount of vigorous on and offline discussion after each and every episode but nothing compared to what transpires at the finale when the Bachelor gives out the final rose (in Bachelor terms this means selecting whom he would like to have for his wife).

Asking someone to marry you is an extremely personal step and I must admit that it feels more than a little bit odd to watch such an important decision play out on television. But such is the stuff of reality TV, yes?

But how about the rest of us? We are faced with important decisions too! We might not be in the public eye but each day business people have to make meaningful and consequential decisions about employees, clients, internal operations and more, and while we don’t have millions of people hanging on our every move, we know how significant our decisions can be.

No one wants to make a bad decision so what do you do to ensure that you make as few mistakes as possible?

Here are some suggestions on how to keep from giving the rose to the wrong woman (aka making a big mistake!):

Do Your Homework. It’s important to know all of the facts. Business decisions often involve other people and it is short sighted to act impulsively when making a decision that can impact the company and well being of others. Get the facts and don’t rely on emotion.

Think About Results. All too often when pressed to make an important decision people get caught up in the moment and do not think about the long-lasting results of their decision. Think about the long-term ramifications and assess whether the results of your decision can stand the test of time.

No Man or Woman Is an Island . You don’t have to make important decisions on your own; in fact, you should refrain from doing so. Even on the Bachelor there are family members weighing in to help him make his all-important decision. When faced with dealing with an important matter get advice from your trusted advisors or other business contacts that have been in the same position. Their insights can help you come to a well- founded decision.

Trust Your Gut. Don’t underestimate the power of intuition. Sure you must do your research and seek the guidance of others but with years of experience and the knowledge you’ve gathered from other business situations it is okay to trust your gut reactions.

Finally, business people give out that final rose (aka make decisions) every day. Be secure, confident and trust yourself to make the best decisions for you, your staff, your clients and your company.

Because printing isn’t always black and white.

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