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#Deflategate. How Many Footballs Has Your Company Deflated?

unnamedOh c’mon. Of course, we’ve never deflated any footballs. Geez, we don’t have anything to do with footballs so it’s a really stupid question.

Yes of course it is a ridiculous question for pretty much everyone reading this post because 100% of you are not playing in the Super Bowl, and hence are not embroiled in the somewhat bizarre football deflation controversy now swirling around the New England Patriots.

But make no mistake about it business has our very own deflate-gate going on each and every day.

Cutting corners to get a project completed on time?
Sure. No one is going to know.

Fudging the numbers just a bit so that a little more profit is realized?
Hey it’s not such a big deal.

Going with the fastest solution even though the results will be less than perfect?
The client won’t really care or even notice. Let’s do what’s good for us.

And that’s what it comes down to doesn’t it: let’s do what’s good for us. And regardless of what side you’re on in the deflate-gate situation we all know that “something” happened.

But enough about football. How about your business? Do you take the high road in all situations even if it means you have to put in more time or do more work or even deal with a reduced profit margin? How do you stand when standing tall means that you might have to take a hit? Do you have a code of ethics?


  • A code of ethics helps everyone to “toe the line” and provides clients with the peace of mind and confidence that stems from knowing that their “vendor” has their best interests at heart.
  • The code of ethics also provides a framework for “acceptable behaviors” for all employees with carefully delineated repercussions if any unethical behaviors are uncovered.

Deflate-gate is a PR disaster for the New England Patriots and serves to detract from the true talents of their players that got them to the Super Bowl. There will always be a question mark about their culpability. Don’t let your company fall victim to questions and scrutiny about how you execute your work.

because printing isn’t always black and white

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