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Do You Read Your Proposals?







I don’t know about you but in my business it’s pretty much SOP (standard operating procedure) to submit a proposal for all potential business projects, and like many businesses, we work hard to prepare a thorough estimate that includes such critical information as:

  • An overview of the project (i.e. booklet, brochure, newsletter, etc.)
  • Quantity
  • Finished Size
  • Type of stock (i.e. text, cover, weight)
  • CMYK or PMS
  • Number of pages
  • Is a proof required? What type?
  • Finishing (i.e. folds, perforations, binding)
  • Variations on costs (based upon options)
  • Timeframe and schedule for work 

You’d think that this amount of detail would eliminate any questions and problems once we receive approval to start work on the project. Well, you’d think that BUT you’d be wrong. You see there are many people that simply don’t take the time to read the quotes that they’ve received. They’ll sign off on something without knowing 100% what they are signing off on. And that’s where problems can arise. There isn’t a business out there that wants to disappoint their clients. At Symmetry we will pretty much bend over backwards to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the work that we deliver to them but of course that assumes we are all on the same page. The second that we find ourselves operating with a different set of assumptions the problems arise. So if you are in a position to received proposals from vendors may I suggest the following: Read the proposal carefully and make sure that it addresses all of your wants and needs Demand clarity on every aspect of the quote Ask questions if certain points aren’t clear Ask for a revision if there are changes to the original quote Have a conversation or meeting with the vendor to corroborate everything And then, only then, should you sign the quote and let the work begin. There’s nothing worse for the client, and the vendor too, to find themselves at odds about a project that is underway.  By paying attention to the quote you can eliminate any of the potential disagreement that can arise when there is ambiguity. Yes it takes a little time BUT it can save you time (and money) in the long-run. symmetry because printing isn’t always black and white.

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