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talking shop.

Talking Shop is produced by Symmetry, a boutique print shop that delivers the results you need, when you need them.

Thinking Big

Can you print a whole building?  Not quite, but close. Take a look at how Symmetry’s large format printing can change the look of a space.

Few things say that you’re someplace special like decorations. Flowers, balloons and crepe paper all have their place, but important corporate and personal events deserve something extra. Sometimes even the most elegant venue can seem generic. Large scale custom vinyl printing provides tremendous flexibility to transform a space and make it all yours. Some of the advantages include:

  • Scalable:  can be made to just about any size specifications.
  • Versatile:  can adhere to any surface substrate, including wood, metal, glass and plastic. There are also standalone options.
  • Temporary:  removes without a trace, leaving the surface unharmed.

Below are some examples of how large format printing can add to the atmosphere. And check out our case study if you want more information about how it’s done.

An ordinary freight elevator becomes a vibrant backdrop.
making sure the vinyl did not mar the bumpy, heavily painted surface.
Outside garage doors hint at the excitement inside.
Challenge: getting the die cuts to stick on the windows in cold weather!
VIP visitors are welcomed in several different languages.
Challenge: assembling everything – including changes to the tablet skins – right before the doors opened.
Even the bar becomes a powerful reminder of a charity’s mission.
Challenge: installing multi-part custom graphic in a tight space.
There’s no mistaking what this tent is doing here!
Challenge: working with a banner this size (10 x 36) and installing it properly on tent.
An outdoor sign highlights current programs and exhibitions.
Challenge: assuring that the sign could weather the elements and still be clean and fresh.


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