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talking shop.

Talking Shop is produced by Symmetry, a boutique print shop that delivers the results you need, when you need them.

What if your gala netted an extra $1,000 this year?

Envelope sizesFor many nonprofits, that’s a significant amount of money that could be put to good use paying staff, buying much needed equipment or running programs. The place to start looking for that extra money is practically under your nose in your gala print package.

Symmetry offers a passel of perfect proposals for enticing recipients while trimming costs.

  • Plan: Nonprofit mailing is significantly less expensive than regular first class. It can take up to 10 days to deliver, but that’s no problem if you plan ahead. Mailing 3,000 invitations first class costs $1,380 compared to the non profit rate of $420. A solid savings of $960. Let Symmetry help you register with the USPS. It’s easy!
  • Palette: We’re so used to 4 color (CMYK) these days that we forget that a more limited range of color can actually have enormous impact—and reduce printing costs. Use 2 PMS colors for simultaneous stand-out and savings.
  • Picture: What’s in the envelope doesn’t matter if they don’t open it. Color envelopes are a good idea but they can be up to 33% more than the equivalent in white. Consider your envelope as a design element and print an image to attract attention. It won’t add to the cost!
  • Print: Most gala packages have a lot of different pieces, including invitation, reply card and envelopes. Print the invite and reply together—and use the same stock and colors—for greater efficiency and to economize on printing costs.
  • Pleat: Many gala packages follow the same tried and true formula year after year. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can get boring for your audience—and for you. Consider a unique fold to add interest without significantly boosting costs.

What’s the big idea? Ask Symmetry!

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