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Judy Wong’s design departure broke the mold of year-end fundraising letters.

Create a year-end fundraising mailer for MoCA (Museum of Chinese in America) that was under an ounce and included a letter, BRC (business reply card) and BRE (business reply envelope).

Anyone with a mailbox knows how much fundraising mail December brings. Every nonprofit on the planet seems to capitalize on recipients’ potential need for a last minute write-off. The letters all have their unique spin and undoubtedly make worthwhile appeals. The problem is that they all look the same with a long, flimsy letter coupled with a BRC and BRE.

So Judy took it upon herself to create a piece that looked and felt completely different.

  • Weighty—with a nice card stock
  • Classy just like the museum
  • Simple and clean—a yin to the yang of blocky, copy-heavy letters

It was a risky sell for a client that was accustomed to the predictable results and expected design of the tried and true letter package. But Judy pushed her martial arts approach, and MoCA wisely went with it.

MOCA insertJudy’s solution was the perfect combination of practicality, problem solving and Zen design. She created a main piece that contained the compelling pitch, description and details. It also had a tear-off BRC. That was the smart part because it enabled Symmetry to print one piece, not two. It also gave the mailer a completely different look and feel. Rather than a bland 8-1/2″ x 11″ letter, recipients got a cool and colorful 9-1/4″x 4″, 6-panel piece. To give the mailing a personal feel, Judy slipped in a brief, 1/3-sheet letter from the president that was printed on vellum.

MOCA piecesJudy cleverly designed it to fit into a standard #10 envelope—the same kind every organization has sitting around the office. There were other niceties too. When the client couldn’t decide on a color combination, we figured out a way to print three variations. We did it by running all three 2-color designs on one sheet and on a 4-color press. That made everyone happy. Judy’s un-fundraising mailer  was such a hit that MoCA’s done it for three years now.

Don’t be surprised if you see one in your mailbox this year. Believe us, it won’t be hard to find.

Color: 2 PMS colors, 2 sides
Paper: Card-100 lb Mohawk Superfine cover, Envelope-Mohawk #10
Size:  21.75″ x 3.875″ flat – folds to 9.1875″ x 3.875″

Got an outstanding design you’d like us to feature? Want to make your year-end fundraising appeal stand out? Let’s talk shop.

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