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Cracking the QR code for fun and profit.

QR Code Kraft
Promote a Superbowl microsite for Kraft Foods where consumers can find recipes and coupons related to the big day.

Clarity was tasked with promoting the site at an annual food show, which coincidentally preceded the Superbowl by a few days. But standing out amidst the mix of materials at tradeshows is almost harder than finding a bathroom at one of those events.  And did we mention the piece was going to be 3″x 5″?

So how do you create something unique enough to work? Clarity, an interactive software developer in Chicago decided the answer was a QR (quick response) code. It had all the attributes Clarity needed to cause a stir on the floor.

  1. They have the sparkle of a new technology.
  2. They’re easy to use —sparing text-weary fingers from having to key in a URL.
  3. They’re fun to use — like unwrapping a present and finding a surprise inside.

If you’re going to pass out a little 3” x 4” anything at a convention, you better make sure it’s unique. The folks at Clarity succeeded in this area through a cool little piece with a hot new technology — QR code. Symmetry was there to problem-solve throughout. How do you actually create the code? How much information can you fit into one? What kind of press will you print it on? Do they really work? What’s more, Kraft wanted to maximize their tracking and research findings. That meant we had to use a digital press and print the code with variable data and with specialized software, so each card had a different QR code.

It was a case of printer and marketing company collaborating in fairly sketchy waters because of the time frame and high expectations over at Kraft. But by kickoff time, Kraft could see the game plan was a success. We think the folks at Clarity chose well in going with a QR code. If you want to experience the beauty of QR for yourself, use the image on this screen. It’ll lead you straight to Kraft (and maybe even a recipe for dinner.)

Clarity Consulting

Process: Printed 4/4 with variable data
Paper: 100 lb. silk cover
Size: 3″ x 5″

QR CodeWant to talk about using a QR code in your next project, or be the next designer to be featured in Talking Shop? Scan here.

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