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Dad’s advice 30 year later

That picture is part of my history. My father’s influence has been profound and his values are now my values. I’m certain that he would have been proud of the woman that I am today. Sadly, my dad passed away before he had the opportunity to see how much he impacted my life both personally […]

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Business Manners Matter

              Have you ever submitted a written proposal upon the request of a prospective client only to have that person go silent and not respond to your follow-up attempts? Have you ever discovered that a client has decided to work with a competitor without mentioning it to you? What […]

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Are You in a Rut?

          Sometimes you find yourself in a rut. ( Professionally and personally, you just seem to be—in a rut. Being in a rut can cause uncomfortable feelings—of lethargy and depression, exhaustion and anxiety. However you cannot let your motivation or inertia stop you from getting out of the rut. Here are […]

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