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Direct Mail is Your Friend (and Mine!)

Having spent 25 years in the printing business I have done my fair share of defending direct mail. For years I listened to complaints about the onslaught of direct mail filling up everyone’s mailboxes. Some folks told me that they had their own strategy on how to rid themselves of the mail, bragging about sorting […]

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Beware the Candy Season Is Upon Us

I know lots of people succumb to the seduction of sugar and unhealthy snacking especially while at work. It doesn’t have to be that way and here are some of the things that I do to help me avoid reaching for the candy corn! Substitute healthy for the unhealthy The candy and unhealthy treats are […]

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Are You Talking Politics in the Office?

          Regardless of political affiliation, it is clear that the drama unfolding in our nation’s capital is a major distraction. Minute-to-minute news flashes take up a great deal of real estate on our social media feeds, not to mention the national news sources contributing “breaking news” at all hours of the […]

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