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monthly archives for December 2014

How to Stay Positive When the Chips are Down

frustrated businessman around by multiple office tools

Wouldn’t it be absolutely great if all of our days were filled with happiness, if work went smoothly, clients didn’t come and go, budgets were approved…well, you get the picture. Wish and hope as we may for perpetual good times such is not reality, for along with the good days come the bad, those days […]

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Thinking Big

Can you print a whole building?  Not quite, but close. Take a look at how Symmetry’s large format printing can change the look of a space. Few things say that you’re someplace special like decorations. Flowers, balloons and crepe paper all have their place, but important corporate and personal events deserve something extra. Sometimes even the […]

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The Truth About The Office Holiday Party

Christmas PartyFinal

                  Oh no, is that Sue from Accounting twerking on the dance floor? Gee, I didn’t know that John drank so much. Who knew that the guys in IT were such party animals.  You have to love it. The office holiday party – why the very phrase […]

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