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monthly archives for February 2011

ICE Jacket

Susan Magrino PR for Veuve Clicquot

Create an exciting invitation for the release of ICE JACKET an accessory for keeping Champagne cool.

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Understanding AAs.

AA means Author’s Alteration and it involves changes made from the original artwork. The costs of an AA depend on how involved the changes are. It includes computer time, re-imposing files and making new proofs. Symmetry tip: Avoid the pricey costs of AAs by simply proofreading your project with a fine-tooth comb before files are […]

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The lowdown on stock.

It comes down to this: the smoother the sheet the better the ink transfer. This means that the ink is more likely to stay on top of the sheet, producing greater dot fidelity. Plus, the smoother and glossier the sheet, the more light is reflected from the surface which helps the colors appear more intense. […]

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